• QTV TV - Pakistan

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    QTV - Pakistan

    Description :

    Based in Pakistan. QTV is a channel dedicated to religious programs for
    Muslims around the globe especially the south Asian community. Based
    exclusively on Islamic principles, values and ideas, it is an excellent
    source of knowledge for each Muslim. Most of the programs are
    conceptualized and hosted by renowned religious scholars and
    intellectuals of the field.

    Programming :

    QTV has a variety of programs. Since its launch, the channel has
    created much demand and enthusiasm about its talk shows and variety of
    other programs targeted towards those seeking answers to contemporary
    issues and concerns in the light of Islam. Moreover, the channel
    presents viewers with an assortment of programs based on Quranic
    teachings, Ahadeeth, Qawwali and Naat’s.

    Language :
    QTV is in mostly Urdu with some English programmes.

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