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    The Arab Media Corporation (AMC) took the initiative of establishing Iqraa Satellite Channel with a view to portraying the deep-rooted Arab traditions and confirming Islam's moderation.Iqraa Channel presents various programs catering for the taste of all family members. It presents useful and amusing programs for children, programs on women issues, as well as programs on religious and worldly affairs for young people and grown-ups.

    Since its inauguration, Iqraa Channel has presented various religious programs which both observe the Arab and Islamic traditions and enlighten the mind, thereby it has become the Muslim family's safe haven.Studies conducted by various media entities and institutions have shown that Iqraa Channel is having the highest viewership rates in the Arab World and that it is popular in Europe and the U.S. Iqraa's popularity is thanks to the above-mentioned factors and to its being broadcast through four satellites.


    Iqraa Channel seeks to meet the viewers’ needs through presenting a number of serious programs on the viewers’ everyday life problems, serving their spiritual, cultural, social and economic interests, from an Islamic perspective with a modern vision.


    Iqraa Channel seeks to build a modern Muslim society that truly believes in and loves God and His Prophet Muhammad, acts upon the Qur’an and the Prophetic Tradition and follows in the righteous Muslim ancestors’ lead. Iqraa Channel aims to help Muslims apply the teachings of Islam that call for tolerance and for addressing others mildly; a Muslim society whose members will be able to positively interact both on the local and international levels. Iqraa Channel also aims at presenting the true moderate face of Islam to people in the West where media does not present an objective view on the Islamic Law.

    (Source : www.iqraa-tv.net, Live streaming : www.islambox.tv)


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