• Al Resalah TV

    Watch it at Islambox.tv Name : Al-Resalah TV
    Language : Arabic

    Chairman of The Board : His Royal Highness Prince Al-Walid Bin Talal Al Saud

    General Manager : Dr. Mohamed Tarek Al-Suwaidan

    Official Opening : Mar. 2006

    Broadcasting Hours : Around the clock

    Slogan : Al-Resalah Creativity and Originality

    The Role of Internet in enhancing the Media Business

    Since it was spread as an open communication tools, Internet started to be more reliable and it could easily weaken if not replace other communication medium. Computers also turned from a pure business need into personal life basics as recent studies showed a rapidly spread of PCs amongst the adults where the major use of the machines is for Internet.

    Based on these facts, Al-Resalah Satellite Channel pays great attention and carefully utilizes this progressive tool to improve the communication with its viewers in the Arab world and other Muslims residing in different countries.

    Hence, The Al-Resalah Satellite Channel designed and launched its website to contain rich information and links that provide the browsers with rich information about our mission and programs.

    We are looking to make this website a vital interactive medium that helps us know the views of the audience about our programs. The internet site will assist us also in conducting questionnaires out of which we can develop, innovate, and improve the programs of our Channels to meet the expectations of all the viewers in the Arab world.Al-Rsealah

    Brief about Al-Resalah Satellite Channel

    Media, and particularly satellite channel TVs became a vital part of our daily life, especially at evenings where most of the family members reunion to watch TV and flip over a wide number of TV channels that might not meet all the interests of the family members.

    Based on that concept, Prince Al-Walid Bin Talal thought of starting an Islamic satellite channel with moderate approaches to meet all the interests and preferences of the family members through a non-typical style to distinguish the new TV with exclusivity and diversity.

    Selecting Dr. Tariq Suweidan to manage the newly-born satellite TV, Prince Al-Walid Bin Talal, realized that DR. Suweidan enjoys a remarkable record of achievements in various fields such as the advocacy for Moderate Islamic Approaches. This cooperation started when Dr. Suweidan was conducting Omrah rituals in the Holy Mecca when he received a call from Prince Al-Walid Bin Talal asking him his opinion for such a new satellite TV. Dr. Suweidan asked Prince Al-Walid: Why you want to start such a TV? Prince Bin Talal immediately said that it is only for the sake of Allah, and nothing else.

    There, Dr. Suweidan realized that this Channel will be blessed, especially when it was discussed in the Holly Mecca.

    Actions were taken immediately, and Dr. Suweidan started to form his team starting from August 2004.

    The team focused on specific principles and pillars that should be observed to present a remarkable and new image of satellite TV channel. These basics were:

    - To stress on diversity in programs and staff members.
    - To present a model of clean, unbiased, and advanced Media.
    - To present an honorable and respectable image of the Arab Islamic Media.

    Based on those, Al-Resalah could produce a number of new and distinguished programs that meet all the interests on the Arab community.

    Al-Resalah Slogan

    Al-Resalah selected this slogan as it expresses its target which is to deliver a message to the Arab Muslims based on the Originality of ideas and Creativity of executions.

    The interpretation of these two words can be summarized as follows:

    Originality :

    It means that the Al-Resalah depends on the rich culture of Islamic and Arab civilization that expanded in many areas around the world.


    It means the creative cultural, scientific, social and literary outcome that Islam present to the world. This creativity recorded huge and influential events in the past where the modern civilization widely benefited from it. It also means that we, as a team in Al-Resalah, will save no effort to keep creative in our everyday work here.

    Target Audience

    1. All the Arab Muslims who are moderate in their Islamic beliefs, and those who are always proud of their religion. It is not targeting the extremists, who also might find interesting programs in. It is not targeting those who don>t believe in moral ethics.
    2. Focus on the kids and teenagers (males & females).
    3. Addressing All the Arab nation regardless the geographic borders.
    4. Special approach for the Muslim woman.
    5. For ordinary people, not the highly cultured & specialists who also might find the Al-Resalah useful in some parts.
    6. It is for those who seek knowledge and useful entertainment, and who believe in Islam as the best moderate style of living.

    Programs are sorted as per target audience as follows:

    * 40% for youth
    * 30% for women and the family
    * 10% for kids
    * 10% for the elite
    * 10% for the devoted religious people

    Al-Resalah Major Message

    To introduce the moderation way of understanding Islam, and to empower the Muslims beliefs in such interpretation of Islam.

    Al-Resalah expresses the Arabic & Islamic forgiving nature, and the need to create or encourage the will to change the life attitudes of the viewers using the scientific and educational approach as explained here below.

    Al-Resalah Major Targets

    Al-Resalah targets to encourage the moderate view and understanding of Islam and to generate profits that help the channel continue operating in this strongly competitive business.
    Al-Resalah seeks to help in changing the public attitudes like

    1- Changing the principles

    - IDEAS: Changing the ideas to promote the right Islamic approach in Islamic thinking, Islamic Identity, Openness to others’ opinions, and the Respect of the Experts Views.

    - IDENTITY: To enhance the pride of Islam & Arabism, and to deny the humiliation of obeying other cultures. Also, the importance of ethics and morals to build the nation.

    - CONCEPTS: To replace the wrong concept with right ones such as: the belief in the resurrection of the nation, the belief in Moderation of Islam, the balance between body & soul, mind & passion, the ambition that is never admits failure, the refuse terrorism & seeking fair peace, and the importance of professionalism in work.

    - VALUES: Encouraging the positive values such as: Honesty, Justice, Humbleness, Citizenship, Straightness, and other positive values.

    - LOGIC JUDGEMENT: Respect the human mind and thinking and judging every issue logically. Avoid rumors and superstitions:

    2- Changing the Interest

    Change the people interests in terms of cultural activities they do. Change the interest about reading, sports, entertainment….etc. Al-Resalah highly evaluates and supports such time - spending activities that enriches the personalities of people and help in exploring the talents and shaping the taste of the public.

    3- Changing the Skill

    These skills are all what man is god at. It positively enriches his life.

    Raising skills is well pampered in the Arab world. Therefore, Al-Resalah Channel will shed more lights on this part of life. Such concerns for Al-Resalah will cover basic issues like:

    - Administrative Skills: Management, decision making, marketing, negotiations, and communications.
    - Personal Skills: How to speak in public, to listen, time management, leadership, and creativity.
    - Artistic skills: photographing, poetry, painting, acting, … etc.
    - Technical Skills: PC skills and programming.
    - Social & Humane Skills: Social communication, relation management, family relations, how to socialize properly, and the social intelligence.

    4- Changing the Relations

    As far the man is relations rise and develop in his own environment, Al-Resalah TV Channels can also play an important role in constructing and guiding people to have healthy and better social relations like:

    1. Family Relations: This includes the best ways of raising kids and educating them properly, and how to have strong ties with the relatives and parents.
    2. Marriage Relations: It discusses how to select the life partner, and how to solve problems.
    3. Friendships: It teaches how to choose good friends and to avoid bad companions.
    4. Arts of Relations: How to influence, discuss, direct, and convince people professionally and properly.
    5- Changing the Role model

    As far as every man has a role model or more to love and follow, The Al-Resalah TV Channel can give more examples of these role models that people will love to follow or to be like them in terms of behavior and attitude. Amongst these role models we can mention: (Historical figures and Heroes, Scientists, Athletes, Artists, and successful individuals).

    Here we have a diversified number of our programs produced and broadcasted on Al-Resalah.

    General Policies and Values of Al-Resalah

    The channel will abide with general values that should be followed in all the programs, sponsorships & advertisements

    1. Respect all the other religions.
    2. Rejecting any issue that contrasts with the Islamic morals.
    3. Respect the Woman in its program (Hijab)is not compulsory.
    4. Accepting music & songs that have a moral, national, or religious message.
    5. Diversity of nationalities in the staff.
    6. Non-involvement in politics (except Palestine).
    7. No assault is permitted against individuals, parties, organizations or others.
    8. Respect all the other religions, sects and opinions.
    9. Encourage the charity organized & permitted works.
    10. Accept all the financial donations or assistance from parties, governments, or individuals provided that it don’t have any parallel obligations or commitment by the channel.
    11. Minimize the programs that are for fun only (like Circus & shows).
    12. Not standing with one Islamic Faqh.
    13. Diversity of program types and no focus on one type.

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